Monica Tentori

I am an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, CICESE, Mexico. My research interests are in human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing and pervasive healthcare. Email me at mtentori[at]gmail[dot]com or call me at +52 (646) 175 0500 ext. 23417
This website was updated on July 2016

UCMexus grant accepted!

Enriching interactive visual supports with video modeling for children with autism, in collaboration with Gillian R. Hayes, 25000 US

MexIHC 2012!

The submission deadline for papers to MexIHC, June 29, was extended to July, 6th! Please find the complete Call For Papers and consider to submitting your work to the conference.       IV Mexican Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (MexIHC 2012) October 3-5, 2012, Mexico City, Mexico   Call for Submissions Deadline for paper submission:...
Pervasive Health 2012!

Pervasive Health 2012!

Thanks to all the attendees for their amazing talks and discussion during PervasiveHealth 2012! I had a very nice time and I am very happy with all the feedback and the quality of talks presented. I was also gladly surprised with the commitment of most of the participants with the conference as they already volunteer...

Our survey paper got accepted to the JFT in HCI!

Tentori, M., Hayes, G. R. and Reddy, M. (in press) “Pervasive healthcare for preventive, hospital and chronic care”, J. of Foundations Trends in HCI

Our paper on the deployment study of MOSOCO was accepted to CHI 2012!

Escobedo, L., Nguyen, D., Boyd, L., Hirano, S., Rangel, A., García, D., Tentori, M., Hayes, G. R. (2012) MOSOCO: A Mobile Assistive Tool to Support Children with Autism Practicing Social Skills in Real-Life Situations, CHI’12, Austin, Texas, May 5-10, 2012

Ambient awareness to connect older adults with their families

Cornejo, R., Favela, J. y Tentori, M.  (in press) “Ambient awareness to connect older adults with their families”, JCSCW

An agent-based middleware for the design of activity-aware applications

Tentori, M., Rodriguez, M. D. y Favela, J. (2011) “An agent-based middleware for the design of activity-aware applications” IEEE Intelligent Systems, ISSN 1541-1672, F.I. 1.438, 26(3):15-23

An agent-based Architecture for Developing Activity-Aware Systems for Assisting Elderly

García-Vázquez, J.P., Rodríguez, M.D., Tentori, M., Saldaña, D. E., Andrade, A. G., Espinoza, A.D. (2010) “An agent-based Architecture for Developing Activity-Aware Systems for Assisting Elderly” Journal of Universal Computer Science (JUCS), 16(12):1500-1520

LACCIR Summer School 2012 a complete success!

The LACCIR Summer School was a complete success and a very good experience! I am so grateful to Nelson and Sergio who invited me and hopefully they will continue organizing the school for the following years. I encourage you all to attend and monitor the collaborative grants of LACCIR .  View other participants comments about...
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