Thanks to all the attendees for their amazing talks and discussion during PervasiveHealth 2012! I had a very nice time and I am very happy with all the feedback and the quality of talks presented. I was also gladly surprised with the commitment of most of the participants with the conference as they already volunteer to help with PervasiveHealth 2013! I am happy to announce that is going to be held in Venice and with a group of three remarkable technical program chairs! Looking forward for another series of PervasiveHealth and I encourage all of you to participate. Please write me if you would like to volunteer to help with the next conference!

Special thanks to all the following people:

  • Oscar Mayora and Venet Osmani for their strong support before and during the conference!
  • Rosa Arriaga for the opening!
  • Deborah Estrin for the amazing keynote talk !
  • Nadir Weibel and Justina Senkus for all their work with local arrangements!
  • My technical co-chairs Jakob Bardram and Alex Mihailidis for all their hard work, guidance and commitment in putting together the program!
  • The TCP members for their hard work in reviewing the submissions!
  • Katie A. Siek, Gillian R. Hayes and Khai Truong for their encouraging comments and support during the conference!
  • My awesome students Catalina Ibarra and Karina Caro for all their hard work as SVs during the conference!
  • Researchers from CICESE for their support in attending to the conference!
  • Marcela Rodriguez for helping during the Madness!
  • Jesse Hoey for the best CHI Madness talk ever!
  • Stephan Wagner for asking questions and empower discussion during the conference!

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PervasiveHealth Conference Explores Ubiquitous Computing in Health Care and Well-being  (read more …