Last friday (January 25, 2013) I (my former PhD student Lizbeth Escobedo) was invited by the company EdNinja  to participate in the First International Conference: The Autism Spectrum. A Different Perspective  hosted by EDUKE a neurodevelopment Center and autism researchers from Mexico, Spain, USA and Perú. Edninja is a company in Tijuana, BC, Mexico that creates mobile
apps (for ipads, iphones, and ipods) to help young children with special needs, specially children with autism.

The Conference aim to bring together researchers, teachers, families, the government, and companies devoted to support individuals with autism.

For two days the attendees had the opportunity to enjoy talks about autism, most of them with a clinician and educational perspective. The organizers were looking for someone to talk about technological interventions and innovative technologies to support the lives of children with autism, and I was invited through the Edninja staff participating as organizers in the conference. I have been collaborating with this company as an advisor for the development of applications in support of autism. Based on my work and established collaborative relationship with Edninja, they asked me to give a talk at the conference.

In my talk I presented the apps I have been collaboratively developing with EdNinja, and also I presented the research projects from my group: MOSOCO, MOBIS, T3 and Cleanbook, introducing the research group with whom I am collaborating leaded by Prof. Monica Tentori. I have to say that this is the biggest audience to whom I have presented my work, about 400-500 people. I felt excited! At the end of my talk a lot of people (i.e. parents, schools, and teachers) came to me and asked me more details about the apps and the research projects, and suggest me different opportunities for collaboration. Also the television company TvAzteca interviewed me, you can see an skneak peak of my interview below.

Overall, the conference was amazing, and it helped me realize that there is a lot of opportunity for the development of innovative technologies in support of autism! In summary, I have to say thanks to Monica for all the things I have learned under her supervision, and all the people I have met in this very interesting research domain that allow me to do this kind of things. Of course, I would to also thank to the awesome research team with whom I work with. I encourage you to read more about the event in here, or on facebook