Ivan Zavala, M.Sc., Research Assistant (see more about ivan …)
e: izavala[at]cicese[dot]edu[dot]mx
Research interests: exergames, body awareness, kinnect development

Recent publications

  • Caro, K., Tentori, M, Martinez-Garcia, A. I., Zavala-Ibarra, I. (2015) FroggyBobby: An exergame to support children with motor problems practicing motor coordination exercises during therapeutic interventions, Computers in Human Behavior, ISSN: 0747-5632,

Recent projects

Exergames to support children with motor skills problems with skills generalization
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.22.41 AMDevelopmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) or dyspraxia is either a marked or serious impairment in the development of motor coordination that significantly interferes with academic achievement, daily living skills, or both. Motor difficulties might arise from poor planning, and lack of understanding or cognitive difficulties in associating a task with movements. The main affected areas are gross m …