One day before my husband’s birthday (11-29-13) Efrain Rincón successfully defended his master dissertation entitled: “Context-aware Computing for the selective archiving of infant crying”. 

Efrain wore a black suit and green tie for the event while I was in white (see pic). The day started pretty early and cold, as Efrain’s dissertation was scheduled at 8 am –very unlikely but evidently possible, :)

The dissertation committee members involved Dr. Miguel Angel Alonso Arevalo (CICESE, left) and Dr. J. Antonio Garcia-Macias (CICESE, right).

As the dissertation was scheduled first time in the morning nobody arrived on time -except for Efrain, me, Tony and Miguel. We waited for five minutes, and at 8:05 we had to start with no one in the room but just the dissertation committee members. I found that very nerve-wracking but Efrain was shockingly calm and relaxed. Or at least he appeared to be so, J But after a couple of minutes, students and friends started to arrive to Efrain’s talk. I thought that having so much going on with people coming into the classroom was very distracting but Efrain remain focused and very professional when giving his talk. So kudos for it, Efrain! Efrain gave a 30-ish minute talk about his work.

Then, the dissertation committee members started the evaluation with very interesting questions and insightful comments.

As is tradition we started with the external member of our department, Dr. Arevalo who questioned Efrain about the amount of precision an algorithm for context recognition needs to have to sufficiently support the needs for this particular population. And he also discussed issues around advantages and disadvantage of attaching wearable sensors to infants’ wrists. Then, Tony asked Efrain about the feasibility in running the study with more cases and the significance of Efrain’s contribution.

Overall, I think Efrain made a good job in defending his dissertation and answering the questions from the committee members.

Next, we deliberated for around 10 minutes and we all unanimously agreed to approve Efrain.

After reading our resolution, attendees complimented Efrain on his talk and each attendee took a picture with Efrain. We finally took a group photo of some of my current students at the time and Eduardo, hahaha.