Esthela Vianney Vazquez Medina, M.Sc. Student (see more about vianney …)
e: esthela[at]cicese[dot]edu[dot]mx
Research interests: Ubicomp, HCI, Children, interactive surfaces
I am Esthela Vianney Vazquez Medina, I am a master student at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada BC (CICESE), my research interests are in Human Computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, interactive surfaces. 

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Deformable musical surfaces for children with autism
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.03.10 PMCompared to other populations, individuals with autism tend to have more challenges with processing sensory input as well as motor coordination. In general, children with autism exhibit numerous sensorimotor impairments and may have poor motor control defaulting their ability to appropriately redirect their movements to respond to sensory stimuli. For example, when children with autism move their …
Demo paper accepted to Ubicomp 2014!
Linney, C., Martinez-Garcia, A., and Tentori, M. (2014) Hunting Relics: A collaborative exergame on an interactive floor for children, ACM EA in Ubicomp 2014. Seattle, WA. September 13-17 …