Monica Tentori

I am an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, CICESE, Mexico. My research interests are in human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing and pervasive healthcare. Email me at mtentori[at]gmail[dot]com or call me at +52 (646) 175 0500 ext. 23417
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Accepted journal paper!

Tentori, M., Escobedo, L., Hernandez, C., Matic, A., Hayes, G. R., (2016) Pervasive displays in classrooms of children with severe autism, IEEE Pervasive Computing, ISSN: 1536-1268

Accepted paper to IEEE Pervasive Computing!

Tentori, M., Escobedo, L., Balderas, G. (2015) A Smart Environment for Children with Autism. IEEE Pervasive Computing 4(2):42-50

Accepted paper to UCAMI 2015!

Cibrian, F. L., Ortega, D. H., Escobedo, L., Tentori, M., Reflections from a long-term deployment study to design novel interactive surfaces for children with autism, In Proc. of UCAMI, Springer-Verlag,  Puerto Vara, Chile, December 1-6, 2015

Congratulations Liz!

Escobedo, L.,  Tentori, M., Quintana, E., Favela, J., Garcia-Rosas, D. (in press) “Integrating the physical and the digital world to increase the attention of children with autism”. To appear in IEEE Pervasive Computing

Congratulations to Karina!

Caro, K., Cibrian, F. L., Escobedo, L., Ramirez, C., Martínez-García, A. I. and Tentori, M., (2013) “Diseño de un videojuego serio basado en movimiento para niños con el Trastorno del Desarrollo de la Coordinación”. Taller de Computación Clínica e Informática Médica, CCIM 2013 en ENC 2013, Mexican International Conference on Computer Science. Morelia, Michoacán, México....

Our paper to workshop on ubiquitous games at CHItaly was accepted! Special congratulations to Karina Caro!

Caro, K., Cibrian, F. L., Escobedo, L., Ramirez, C., Martínez-García, A. I. and Tentori, M., (2013) “Froggy Bobby: An Exergame for Children with Motor Skills Problems”. Workshop on “Ubiquitous games and gamification for promoting behavior change and wellbeing”. 10th edition of CHI Italy. Trento, Italy. September 16
4th workshop uniting the Californias

4th workshop uniting the Californias

Last week (Friday 8 3/13 and Saturday 9 3/13) I attended to the 4th workshop uniting the Californias hosted by the STAR group at UC Irvine This workshop born with the idea of bringing together groups of scientists, who are desirable close geographically, and working from a variety of disciplines all focused on interactive and ubiquitous...

Our paper to Personal and Ubiquitous Computing got accepted! Special congratulations to Liz & Cathy!

Escobedo, L., Ibarra, C., Hernandez, J., Alvelais, M., and Tentori, M. (in press) “Smart objects to support the discrimination training of children with autism” Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
Innovative technologies for Autism

Innovative technologies for Autism

Last friday (January 25, 2013) I (my former PhD student Lizbeth Escobedo) was invited by the company EdNinja  to participate in the First International Conference: The Autism Spectrum. A Different Perspective  hosted by EDUKE a neurodevelopment Center and autism researchers from Mexico, Spain, USA and Perú. Edninja is a company in Tijuana, BC, Mexico that creates mobile...
Autism Technology Showcase

Autism Technology Showcase

Last weekend (December 8, 2012) we were invited to participate in the first Autism Technology Showcase hosted by the UC Irvine Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences, and For OC Kids Neurodevelopmental Center. This Showcase aim to bring together researchers, practitioners, students, teachers and families devoted to support individuals with autism. For around...


private webpage:  Autism is associated with impairments of attention, memory and information processing. For children with autism impairments there is difficult to remember and identify real objects. Teachers prompt children with autism to redirect their attention to the object discrimination training and reduce the time they spend “off task”. Technological interventions that provide interactive visual supports help teachers...


Autism is characterized by social skills impairments. Children with autism exhibit problems when initiating and terminating interactions, learning the interests of others, and joining social groups. Direct instructions for skill acquisition are an effective way to teach them social skills, helping to cope with these social challenges.   The Social Compass curriculum is a behavioral...
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