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After doing my post-doctoral training with Gilian R. Hayes at UC Irvine and working in different areas in support of healthcare, I’ve been able to partner with researchers in Ubiquitous computing, HCI, and PervasiveHealthcare from around the world.

The majority of my work is project based. I am passionate about understanding how innovative ways of interaction when using Natural User Interfaces can reveal behaviour patterns that might be of relevance for the screening, diagnosis or treatment of individuals with autism; and at a collective level make assumptions on how the city behaves. This involves using a mixed method approach for experimental research involving user-centered design techniques, human-centered AI, big data and data analytics.

I am currently the head of the Veritas Research Lab, where I am happy to say that I have the privilege to work with very talented, smart, motivated and hard-working students. If you would like to become one of my awesome students review our job openings here.

I love my work and being involved in my son’s and husband’s life, which really means attending to soccer games and practices, swimming lessons and so on…

Call me at +52 (646) 1750500 ext 23417

Found me at 117 Computer Science Department, CICESE, Ensenada, BC

Monica Tentori
Juan, Monica and Juan Joel at Juan Joel’s first preschool festival at Pibes

My Calendar

Please refer to my calendar to find a suitable time meet me or know my whereabouts if I am not in the office. We work from home on Wednesdays so you more likely find me on email, whats up or meet.

If you would like to schedule a meeting write to mtentori[at]cicese[dot]edu[mx]. Even I have a slot schedule please ask me if you can still meet me some of our my tasks can be rescheduled.

Finding my office

After entering CICESE, head north until you reach the very last building on top of the hill called Telematica. The telematica building has three entrances: a back west, a front west and front north. I recommend you to either use the back west or the front west entrance.

If you choose the the back west entrance, which is closest to my office, you will need to call me so I can open the door for you as it has a fingerprint key.

If you choose the front west, you need to sign in with CICESE’s security guy and he will redirect you to my office. You will need to go downstairs one floor and you will find my office in the third door to the left.

To reach the Telematica building you can drive or wait for the CICESE mobile van. You can also walk but believe is a huge hike. Parking in free anywhere available.

Bio en Español.

La Dra. Mónica Tentori recibió su maestría y doctorado en Ciencias de la Computación en CICESE, y realizó su entrenamiento post-doctoral en el Departamento de Informática de UC Irvine, California, USA. Sus intereses de investigación en cómputo ubicuo incluyen retos asociados a IA, uso sensores y ML, e IHC. Su trabajo se ha enfocado primordialmente en apoyar retos asociados a la salud y entornos urbanos.

Es la única mujer latinoamericana y el único mexicano en recibir el premio internacional “Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship” por su trabajo de investigación. Es la primera mujer de Ensenada que recibe el reconocimiento de ciudadana distinguida del municipio de Ensenada por su trabajo en innovación tecnológica. Es miembro del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI) como nivel II.

A nivel nacional, es miembro de la comisión dictaminadora del SNI nivel II, fué tesorera de la Asociación Mexicana de Interacción Humano Computadora y vocal la Sociedad Mexicana en Ciencias de la Computación (SMCC). A nivel internacional, es miembro del comité estelar del área de cómputo ubicuo para el capítulo de ACM SIGCHI y ACM SIGMOBILE, y miembro del subcomité asesor de UC Mexus.

En CICESE, fué presidente de la Comisión de Análisis de Productividad Académica (CAPA) y fué coordinadora del área de estudios con humanos del comité de Bioética, actualmente es miembro. Ha escrito en co-autoría 120 artículos publicados en revistas y libros de editoriales de prestigio; y conferencias de prestigio a nivel nacional e internacional. Su índice h en google scholar es de 28 con 3033 citas a sus trabajos de investigación.

Bio in English

I am a full Professor in the Computer Science Department of CICESE. My research interests in ubiquitous computing involve challenges related to AI, sensing and ML, and IHC. My work has focused primarily on supporting challenges associated to health and urban environments. I received by Master’s and Ph.D. in Computer Science at CICESE, and did my post-doctoral training at the Department of Informatics at UC Irvine, California, USA with Profr. Gillian R. Hayes.

I am the first Latin American woman and the only Mexican to receive the international award “Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship” for my research work. I am the first woman from Ensenada to receive the award of distinguished citizen of the city of Ensenada for my work in technological innovation. I am a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) as level II.

At a national level (in Mexico), I am a member of the steering committee of the SNI level II, I was treasurer of the Mexican Association of Human-Computer Interaction and a member of the Mexican Society of Computer Sciences (SMCC). Internationally, I am member of the steering committed of ubiquitous computing for both the ACM SIGCHI and ACM SIGMOBILE chapter, and member of the UC Mexus advisory subcommittee.

In CICESE, I was head of the Commission that evaluated the impact of its researchers and head of the Bioethics committee working with humans. I have co-authored 120 articles published in top tier magazines, books and prestigious rank A national and international conferences. My h index in google scholar is 28 with 3033 citations to my research papers.

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