Hi, I’m Monica Tentori!

Monica Tentori is professor in computer science … After doing my post-doctoral training with Gilian R. Hayes at UC Irvine and working in different areas in support of healthcare, I’ve been able to partner with researchers in Ubiquitous computing, HCI, and PervasiveHealthcare from around the world. The majority of my work is project based. I […]

Feel and Touch – Haptic Computing to uncover Digital Markers that are relevant for the Screening of Children with ASD

About 90% of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have atypical sensory processing . Those differences can be a potential marker of ASD. Until now, tactile processing has been little explored due to the lack of tools to assess it. However, with the growth of haptic interfaces, there is an untapped potential to understand and […]

FarmerKeeper – A Brain Computer Videogame for Neurofeeback Training

Neurofeedback therapies have shown promising clinical results in improving the attention problems of children with autism. Recent work in Human-Computer Interaction has shown Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) serious games can keep users focused during neurofeedback therapies and give them the guidance they need to promote the self-regulation of their brainwave patterns. However, there is limited work […]

BendableSound – Elastic Displays improve Motor Coordination of Children with ASD using techniques from Neurological Therapies

Worldwide, one in 59 children has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and 80% of them have motor problems, such as delayed or anticipated reactions and excessive or insufficient use of strength when they conduct a motor movement. Neurological Music Therapy (Nero-MT) uses live music to improve the timing and strength regulation of children with autism. However, […]

Zens: A Sonified Movement-Based Interface

Problem: Having a negative perception about one’s own body is one of the main reasons for individuals’ inactivity and poor adherence to the practice of physical activities. Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that regular physical activity helps reduce the risk of health diseases (e.g., diabetes), many individuals are still sedentary due […]

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