FroggyBobby – Exergames improve visual-motor coordination of children with ASD using techniques from motor development techniques

About 80% of children with autism have deficits in visual-motor integration skills. Visual-motor integration is defined as the degree to which visual perception and body movements, including the movements of arms and legs, are well coordinated. The deficits in visual-motor integration could minimize children with autism´s opportunities to participate in team sports and limit their […]

Interactive sonification of movement trajectories during motor therapies

Interactive sonification is an effective tool used to guide individuals when practicing movements. Little research has explore the affordances of continous and discrete sound structures in supporting motor therapeutic interventions for children with autism who exhibit motor impairments. The goal of this research is to study if children with autism understand the use of such […]

BendableSound – Elastic Displays improve Motor Coordination of Children with ASD using techniques from Neurological Therapies

Worldwide, one in 59 children has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and 80% of them have motor problems, such as delayed or anticipated reactions and excessive or insufficient use of strength when they conduct a motor movement. Neurological Music Therapy (Nero-MT) uses live music to improve the timing and strength regulation of children with autism. However, […]

Zens: A Sonified Movement-Based Interface

Problem: Having a negative perception about one’s own body is one of the main reasons for individuals’ inactivity and poor adherence to the practice of physical activities. Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that regular physical activity helps reduce the risk of health diseases (e.g., diabetes), many individuals are still sedentary due […]

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