This workshop focuses on the use of pervasive healthcare, ubiquitous games and gamification to support behavior change and wellbeing. Gamification has recently become a widely applied tool for improving health behaviors such as a physically active lifestyle. The workshop aims to be the premiere venue that brings together researchers and practitioners across the disciplines of Pervasive healthcare, Systems and sensing, Ubiquitous Computing and HCI to elaborate ways in which current state of the art in gaming can be reshaped to persuade healthy behaviors and wellbeing.


In conjunction with the 10th Edition of CHItaly (CHI Italy 2013) , the biannual Conference of the Italian SIGCHI Chapter, will be held between the 16th and the 19th of September 2013 in Trento. Continuing the effort started with the 9th edition, we foster the participation of European and overseas researchers and practitioners. The official language of the conference is English. CHItaly2013 is seeking contributions within the broad umbrella of Human-Computer Interaction research, and in particular around the theme of “Building Social Innovation”. This theme emphasizes the role of HCI as a fundamental means to support the establishment and consolidation of new societies where people and technology work together towards the establishment of an inclusive solution to important social problems. A specific interest is in social-technical solutions that meet needs of all kinds, from working conditions and health, to community development and creativity.

The workshop will be held in Italy, Trento. Trento is a welcoming city, at the crossroads of the contrasting cultures of Italy and Northern Europe. Trento is a city of art that has a strong Renaissance mark, which characterises it for its colours, its buildings and make it unique in the entire Alpine arc. It is not far from the Dolomites and numerous lakes and forests are found nearby. With its small number of inhabitants (around 110,000) and its rich cultural life, it is always at the highest positions for quality of life in Italy.